We are very proud of the long history of Marado Company Limited, as the company has been around for over 30 years and has continued to reinvent itself.
  • 1986: Marado Enterprise was established as a local retail shop selling daily groceries in Techiman, Ghana.
  • 1988: Following significant growth in the baking sector, Marado Enterprise supplied flour and other baking ingredients to the Bakers Association in Techiman, Wenchi and Nkroanza districts.
  • 1999: With the advancements in technological development, Marado Enterprise began to diversify its distribution line to Photographic Materials
  • 2002: Marado Enterprise was incorporated into the company we known today as Marado Company Limited. With charging consumer behaviour, Marado Company Limited further diversified its distribution, to include Health care products and Indentification Solutions.
  • Present: Marado Company Limited operates throughout West Africa and represents the following European companies, amongst others: BEURER GmbH, VEDALAB and EVOLIS.